My name is Bonnie Alexander and I am the proud owner of Hunter's Run Bernese Mountain Dogs. We are family owned, which inludes my husband, three children, and of course my loving herd of six Bernese Mountain Dogs. Here at Hunter's Run, we are honored to proclaim that our four females and two males are purebred and AKC registered.

Our family was introduced to Bernese Mountain Dogs when my youngest son brought the first one into our lives in 2015 and we instantly fell in love. He was a handsome, loving, energetic and intelligent puppy who later grew into a healthy, happy and loyal member of my son's family. Rocky became the "stud" of the pack and the anchor of our breeding program.

After spending time with Rocky and researching the breed, I quickly realized that I needed to add this beautiful dog into my pack of pups that includes a Yorkie, Jack Russell Terrier, and Australian Shepherd mix. Our dogs are members of our family and I have had the privilege of breeding and showing champion dogs of other breeds for twenty years. I knew that a Bernese Mountain Dog would be the perfect addition to our family and bring a tremendous amount of joy to our lives.

We purchased our first female in October of 2015. She was an amazing little girl who immediately bonded with our pack and became a member of our family. She was beautiful, lively and intelligent, a pure joy.

That experience led to the development of Hunter's Run and ignited a passion to breed healthy, sound, and AKC correct Bernese Mountain Dogs.