The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large, strong, sturdy, agile dog. The weather-resistant coat is moderately long, thick and slightly wavy or straight. The dog is tri-color with markings of black, rust and white.


These cheerful dogs love children! They are very intelligent, easy to train and are natural watchdogs but not dominant. A Bernese Mountain Dog will be your friend for life. Self-confident, alert and good-natured, be sure to socialize well as a puppy. These dogs are slow to mature, acting like puppies longer than other breeds. The Bernese needs to be with people and not confined to the backyard or a kennel. 

Height, Weight

Height: Males 24-28 inches, Females 23-27 inches

Weight: Males 85-110 lbs, Females 80-105 lbs.


Large active dogs such as these need regular exercise and room for work and play.

Life Expectancy

About 8-10 years


Daily or weekly brushing of the long thick coat is important with extra care needed when the coat is shedding. Bathe or dry shampoo as necessary. This breed is a seasonal heavy shedder.


The Bernese Mountain Dog originated in the Swiss mountains. They were working dogs particularly good at draft work and pulling carts to market. Today the breed makes a wonderful companion and they still to this day enjoy whatever draft work you can give them. The breed's talents are tracking, herding, watch, guarding, search and rescue, carting and competitive obedience. 

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